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Learn About Section 8 Housing Lists in Illinois

Low-income families use IL Section 8 housing lists in order to acquire affordable housing with government assistance. Section 8 house listings allow individuals or families who need help the opportunity to search for homes they can afford. Before beginning the search through Section 8 apartment listings, applicants should start by gaining a bit more knowledge about what an Illinois Section 8 rental housing list is and where to find one.

Learn How to Find Section 8 Housing Lists in Illinois

Section 8 housing lists in Illinois, much like other regular apartment listings, can be found in local areas of your neighborhood or city. Perhaps starting at your local library will reveal Section 8 house listings, or even perusing the classifieds section of your newspaper. A list of Section 8 houses in your neighborhood will generally be posted where many residents or prospective visitors can see. The most popular way to search Illinois Section 8 apartment listings, however, is through the internet. Renters can find a list of Section 8 rentals nearby and filter the list according to their needs, whether by bedroom size, price point or neighborhood.

What Qualifies as a Section 8 Home in Illinois?

For a house or apartment to be posted on Illinois Section 8 housing lists, it must pass certain quality standards set forth by the Public Housing Agency, or PHA. A Section 8 rental housing list must meet requirements in certain quality areas, such as sanitation, interior air quality, refuse disposal and more. Within these requirements are other criteria for Section 8 house listings, which state that qualified properties must:
  • Not have a vermin infestation of any kind.
  • Not have lead-based paint products in the home.
  • Have all smoke detectors fully functioning at all times.
  • Have a flushing toilet, sink and tub or shower.
  • Have at least one window in the living room and bedroom.

How Big of a House Can You be Approved for in Illinois?

After sorting through Illinois Section 8 housing lists, you may be wondering “how big of a house am I eligible for?” While certain rentals within a list of Section 8 houses may be on the larger end, it is ultimately up to the Public Housing Agency to determine the size home to be named on your housing voucher. Eligibility requirements apply, so while a family of three may find a five-bedroom home that they prefer, they may only be eligible for a four-bedroom dwelling. However, on the adverse, if the same family searches Section 8 housing lists and finds a three-bedroom house they love, but are eligible for four, they can choose the smaller dwelling. As long as the utility allowances and housing standards are still met, the choice is up to them. To learn more about Section 8, download our guide.

Learn About Checking Your Credit Score Before Viewing Section 8 Apartment Listings in Illinois

Before scouring Section 8 apartment listings in IL, make sure to get your credit checked. Landlords on an Illinois list of Section 8 houses will check your credit prior to renting. In order to avoid any unnecessary surprises during the application process, order a free copy of your credit report. Once you receive your credit report, compare your score with the rankings below:
  • 750-850 (Excellent): Credit approval most likely. Terms and rates will be agreeable.
  • 700-749 (Good): Credit approval is likely. Terms and rates will be modest.
  • 650-699 (Fair): Credit approval is possible. Terms and rates will be fair.
  • 550-649 (Poor): Credit approval is not assured. Terms and rates will not be favorable.
  • 300-549 (Very Poor): Credit approval is usually unlikely.

Tips for Reading Illinois Section 8 House Listings

Section 8 apartment listings in Illinois, much like other real estate listings, have their own abbreviations in order to make the post much simpler to understand. However, learning these abbreviations prior to perusing Illinois Section 8 house listings will be much easier for you in the long run. For instance, a list of Section 8 rentals may use “kit” for kitchen, or “ofc” for office. More abbreviations within a list of Section 8 houses to learn prior to searching include:
  • “dk” for deck.
  • “aek” for all electric kitchen.
  • “br” for bedroom.
  • “ba” for bathroom.
  • “pvt” for private.
  • “wic” for walk-in closet.
Understanding these abbreviations within a list of Section 8 houses will make the searching process much easier for you and your family. Website: Local Offices. State: Illinois