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Learn About Section 8 Housing Lists in Kansas

Kansas Section 8 house listings are a way for low-income families to find affordable housing with the help of the federal government. Section 8 housing lists can be searched in your neighborhood to find the perfect home for you and your family. Before finding Section 8 apartment listings, however, it is best to understand more about the Section 8 program, with helpful tips regarding how to read a Section 8 rental housing list as well as where to find Section 8 housing lists near you.

Learn How to Find Section 8 Housing Lists in Kansas

KS Section 8 housing lists are most popularly searched online, as with online functions you can filter your search down to your family’s needs, like the number of bedrooms and price point. Online Section 8 house listings also include options to search from city to city and neighborhood to neighborhood. If searching Section 8 apartment listings online is not of interest, then you can check your local community centers or browse the classifieds section of your newspaper for other options. Visiting your local PHA office can also yield Section 8 housing lists in your area. You can learn how to apply for the program by downloading our guide.

What Qualifies as a Section 8 Home in Kansas?

For a home to be a part of Section 8 house listings in Kansas, it must pass specific housing quality standards first. Section 8 housing lists use 13 categories in order to inspect a property, which includes areas like thermal environment, sanitary conditions, and smoke detectors. Each of these Section 8 rental housing list categories have subcategories which must be met prior to being added to a list of Section 8 houses. These subcategories specify that homes must:
  • Have operational smoke detectors.
  • Not have high amounts of air pollution.
  • Not have peeling, cracking or chipping of paint or roofing materials
  • Have a structurally sound roof
  • Not have any plumbing pipes with leaks.

How Big of a House Can You be Approved for in Kansas?

The size home from the Section 8 housing lists in Kansas that you can be approved for is determined by the Public Housing Authority, or PHA. Before searching Section 8 apartment listings, find out from the PHA your family’s eligibility for a specific size house. If the PHA provides you and your family with Section 8 housing lists and deems you eligible for a three-bedroom home, then that is the maximum size stated on the voucher. However, if you find a two-bedroom home from the Kansas Section 8 house listings that you prefer, you can choose to downsize as needed, as long as the house you choose still retains the same utilities allowance and housing quality standards.

Learn About Checking Your Credit Score Before Viewing Section 8 Apartment Listings in Kansas

Before searching Section 8 house listings in Kansas, checking your credit score is imperative. Landlords with property on a list of Section 8 houses will require a credit check during the application process in order to find a bit more information about your tenant history. Before finding a home on a list of Section 8 rentals, order a free copy of your credit report today to avoid any surprises along the way. See where your credit falls in the following categories:
  • 750-850 (Excellent): Credit is likely to be provided at the best rates and terms available.
  • 700-749 (Good): Credit should be provided, with favorable rates and terms.
  • 650-699 (Fair): Credit normally is provided, with rates and terms that are fair.
  • 550-649 (Poor): Credit might not be provided, but if it is, rates and terms will not be favorable.
  • 300-549 (Very Poor): Credit is likely not to be provided.

Tips for Reading Kansas Section 8 House Listings

Kansas Section 8 house listings often times include abbreviations in order to simplify and shorten the listing. However, for those unfamiliar with Section 8 apartment listings, or any other real estate listings for that matter, these abbreviations may be difficult to read. Learning a few of the most common abbreviations on a list of Section 8 rentals will make the house hunting process much easier for you and your family. Some of the most common abbreviations on a list of Section 8 houses include but are not limited to:
  • “kit” for kitchen.
  • “dk” for deck.
  • “det” for detached garage.
  • “gard” for garden.
  • “hi ceils” for high ceilings.
  • “q pos” for quick possession.
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