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Learn About Section 8 Housing Lists in Maryland

Low-income families may use Section 8 housing lists in Maryland to find affordable housing within their neighborhood. Section 8 house listings are provided as an opportunity for individuals or families who are struggling financially to have a home that fits within their means. Before searching through Section 8 apartment listings, it is important to know about the Section 8 program, as well as where to find a Section 8 rental housing list near you.

Learn How to Find Section 8 Housing Lists in Maryland

Finding Section 8 housing lists in Maryland is similar to finding regular apartment listings in the state. Grocery stores, libraries or local community boards may have Section 8 house listings available for the public to peruse. Applicants may also acquire a Section 8 rental housing list from their local Public Housing Authority (PHA) office. Perhaps the easiest way to find Section 8 housing lists is through various online resources. By browsing a list of Section 8 houses online, you are able to filter the search accordingly, so that the results only pull up properties that fulfill all of your criteria. You can learn how to apply for the Section 8 program by downloading our guide.

What Qualifies as a Section 8 Home in Maryland?

Section 8 house listings all have one thing in common: The properties must be inspected by the local PHA and deemed a habitable home according to Section 8 criteria. Before being added to Section 8 housing lists, a property must be up to housing quality standards in 13 categories, which include structure and materials, space and security and sanitary facilities, to name a few. Within each category is a subcategory that has its own specific requirements for passing inspection. For example, a few specific requirements outline that homes must have:
  • Sanitary facilities within the unit and they must be private.
  • Acceptable space to prepare and store food in a safe and sanitary manner.
  • A fully functional kitchen sink with a sink trap, as well as both hot and cold water
  • A healthy thermal environment for the human section.
  • No electrical issues that pose a threat to the unit or inhabitants.

How Big of a House Can You be Approved for in Maryland?

After browsing MD Section 8 housing lists, you may wonder what size house your family is eligible for. While a list of Section 8 rentals may have homes of all different sizes, it is ultimately up to the Public Housing Authority to determine the size home you may receive on the housing voucher. While the voucher for Section 8 house listings will provide a maximum size, there is no minimum size limit. For instance, a family may find a home from the list of Section 8 houses that is smaller than their eligibility. As long as the unit still passes quality standards and still fits within the allotted utility allowance, the family may choose the smaller unit.

Learn About Checking Your Credit Score Before Viewing Section 8 Apartment Listings in Maryland

Landlords with Maryland Section 8 housing lists will always require a credit check during the application process. Before finding a home through a Section 8 rental housing list, make sure to check your credit. By ordering a free copy of your credit report today, you will avoid any potential surprises during the application process. Browse Section 8 housing lists with peace of mind once you receive your credit report. If you want to see how your credit score ranks, compare it to the following categories:
  • 750-850 (Excellent): Credit applicants normally receive credit with great terms.
  • 700-749 (Good): Credit applicants usually receive credit with good terms.
  • 650-699 (Fair): Credit approval is likely and terms will be modest at best.
  • 550-649 (Poor): Credit approval may occur, but terms will be unfavorable for the applicants.
  • 300-549 (Very Poor): Credit approval usually does not occur.

Tips for Reading Maryland Section 8 House Listings

Understanding Maryland Section 8 house listings may be difficult for some. Real estate listings, which include Section 8 housing lists, normally use abbreviations to make each post short and sweet. It may take time to understand the list of Section 8 rentals, especially with all the abbreviations that may be used. For example, “ba” is used in place of bathroom, while “bkporch” is used in place of back porch. Browse a few more abbreviations commonly used within a list of Section 8 houses:
  • “cpt” for carpet
  • “CVAC” for central vacuum
  • “END” for end unit
  • “fdr” for formal dining room
  • “lft” for loft
  • “G-RNG” for gas range
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