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Learn About Section 8 Housing Lists in Mississippi

Section 8 housing lists in Mississippi are an opportunity for low-income families to find safe and affordable housing within their chosen neighborhood. By browsing alist of Section 8 houses near them, they will be able to see all the options available to them. However, it is important that before settling on a home from a Section 8 rental housing list to understand certain components of the Section 8 program that will make the application process much smoother.

Learn How to Find Section 8 Housing Lists in Mississippi

Mississippi Section 8 housing lists can be found in many of the same places other apartment listings are found, such as grocery stores, community boards and even in the classifieds section of your local newspaper. You can also acquire Section 8 house listings from your local Public Housing Authority office during or after the application process. Most notably though, Section 8 apartment listings can be found through online resources such as the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) government website as well as Go Section 8. The benefit of online Section 8 house listings is that you can filter your search to perfectly fit your needs, from price range to bedroom size and everything in between. Learn how to apply for Section 8 benefits by downloading our guide .

What Qualifies as a Section 8 Home in Mississippi?

Section 8 housing lists in Mississippi can only be added to the program after a thorough inspection of the dwelling is complete. Alist of Section 8 houses will have certain quality requirements that need to be met before inhabitants can move in. Section 8 apartment listings must pass inspection for all criteria provided in 13 categories and every possible subcategory. For example, to qualify houses and apartments must:
  • Have at least two working electrical units in the living room and each sleeping space.
  • Have at least one window in each of the sleeping spaces as well as the living room.
  • Not have any electric fixtures in the dwelling unit that pose a fire hazard.
  • Have adequate security and space for the entire family unit
  • Have a lock for every exterior door.

How Big of a House Can You be Approved for in Mississippi?

Section 8 housing lists in Mississippi include homes that come in a variety of sizes. Before finding Section 8 house listings near you, visit your local Public Housing Authority (PHA) and determine your family’s eligibility for a specific house size. If the PHA provides you with a three-bedroom eligibility on your voucher, then that is the maximum size stated on the voucher. However, if you browse a Section 8 rental housing list and find a two-bedroom home, you can choose the smaller dwelling unit as long as the housing quality standards are kept and the utilities allowances do not exceed.

Learn About Checking Your Credit Score Before Viewing Section 8 Apartment Listings in Mississippi

Before searching Section 8 apartment listings in Mississippi and settling on a home you love, a credit report should be your first order of business. Landlords from a Section 8 rental housing list will request a credit check during the application process. Order a free copy of your credit report today and search Section 8 housing lists without burden or surprises. Prior to perusing alist of Section 8 houses, use our credit score rankings below to determine where you stand:
  • 750-850 (Excellent): Credit applications are approved and rates will be favorable.
  • 700-749 (Good): Credit applications are normally approved and rates will be good.
  • 650-699 (Fair): Credit applications usually receive approval, with fair rates.
  • 550-649 (Poor): Credit applications might receive approval, although rates will be high
  • 300-549 (Very Poor): Credit applications usually do not receive approval.

Tips for Reading Mississippi Section 8 House Listings

Understanding the abbreviations found in Mississippi Section 8 house listings will make your search go faster when the time comes. Section 8 housing lists use abbreviations to make each post easier to digest. For example, a “2br/1ba/apt with off and pat” describes a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment with off street parking and a patio. Other more commonly used abbreviations from alist of Section 8 houses include:
  • “hvac” for heating, ventilation, air conditioning.
  • “hw” for hot water.
  • “ngs” for natural gas.
  • “pgs” for propane.
  • “por, por-s” for porch, screened porch.
  • “rdr” for radiator.
Learning the most common abbreviations in alist of Section 8 rentals will make the process of searching much simpler for you and your family. Website: Local Offices. State: Mississippi