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Learn About Section 8 Housing Lists in Missouri

Section 8 housing lists in Missouri are offered to low-income families so they can find affordable housing with the assistance of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). By searching through Section 8 house listings, applicants can see what types of homes are available for their families. However, prior to browsing Section 8 apartment listings, it is important to understand some of the key components of the Section 8 program.

Learn How to Find Section 8 Housing Lists in Missouri

Section 8 housing lists in Missouri are available for applicants to access at their leisure. Section 8 house listings can be found in a local newspaper, posted to community boards or within a local Public Housing Authority office. Finding a Section 8 rental housing list is similar to finding a regular apartment housing list. Most notably, however, a list of Section 8 houses can be accessed online. Online Section 8 house listings are easy to manage, as they can filter the selection to fit all of an applicant’s needs. Find out how to apply for Section 8 benefits by downloading our guide.

What Qualifies as a Section 8 Home in Missouri?

A list of Section 8 houses in Missouri have all passed through inspection by the Public Housing Authority. For a home to be added to Section 8 house listings, the PHA needs to pass it through inspection on 13 categories, which include areas like thermal environment, water supply, and sanitary facilities. Within these 13 categories are subcategories which cover more specific inspection items. For instance, qualified apartments and houses are must:
  • Not have any vermin or rodent infestation.
  • Have a healthy thermal environment for the human inhabitants.
  • Not have any plumbing leaks or piping damage.
  • Have smoke detectors on every level of the home that is fully functional.
  • Be in a neighborhood free of excessive noise or abundance of trash.

How Big of a House Can You be Approved for in Missouri?

Before finding Missouri Section 8 housing lists near you, it is helpful to know how big of a home you and your family will be eligible for. Visit the Public Housing Authority near you to access a list of Section 8 houses as well as receive a housing voucher with size eligibility details. Homes on a list of Section 8 houses vary in terms of size, ranging from a one-bedroom apartment to a house with several bedrooms. A family who receives a housing voucher for a three-bedroom home is allowed to choose anything larger or smaller from a Section 8 rental housing list if they so desire. As long as the utility allowances remain the same and the housing quality standards are sustained, families can choose a home with more or fewer bedrooms than they are eligible for.

Learn About Checking Your Credit Score Before Viewing Section 8 Apartment Listings in Missouri

Prior to searching Section 8 housing lists in MO, it is important that you first order a free copy of your credit report. Landlords from Section 8 housing lists will check your credit prior to approving your application. Ordering a copy of your credit report allows you the chance to search Section 8 apartment listings with peace of mind. Compare your credit score to the following categories to see how you can improve:
  • 750-850 (Excellent): Credit approval is likely. Terms and rates will be more than favorable.
  • 700-749 (Good): Credit approval is normal. Terms and rates are usually standard.
  • 650-699 (Fair): Credit approval is possible. Terms and rates are fair.
  • 550-649 (Poor): Credit approval is not likely. If so, terms and rates are unfavorable.
  • 300-549 (Very Poor): Credit approval is not probable.

Tips for Reading Missouri Section 8 House Listings

An MO list of Section 8 houses may include various abbreviations to make the posting as simplified as possible. Prospective renters who are not familiar with Missouri Section 8 housing lists, or who do not understand such abbreviations, may have difficulty understanding the listings. For instance, a “3br/2ba/apt with a/c and asrsv” describes a three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with air conditioning and assigned parking. A list of Section 8 houses may include other abbreviations such as:
  • “bkporch” for back porch.
  • “c-fan” for ceiling fan.
  • “cnr, crnr” for corner.
  • “dhkpP” for dryer hookup.
  • “por, por-s” for porch, screened porch.
  • “nbd” for neighborhood.
Understanding the most frequently used abbreviations from a list of Section 8 rentals will make the search process much simpler in the long run. Website: Local Offices. State: Missouri